Meet Fala

imageFala, the newest member of my best friend’s family. It’s such a joy to meet such a new life, so sweet and intelligent, a little bundle of energy and love. She came to visit on a cold, rainy day; one of those days where you just want to curl up under a blanket with a mug of tea and a good book.

After her initial excitement of being in a new space, meeting my dog, and getting all of her nervous energy out, she settled right in. image

I got my camera out for the purpose of documenting her puppyhood almost like you would for a child. Some day my friend could look back on them and remember the second day she had Fala, the rain, the cold, the poor shivering pup wrapped in a towel and nestled against her chest. Some day she’ll be able to look back on the pictures and think about how tiny Fala was, how she could fit perfectly in the crook of your arm. image

Fala was a perfect little model, once she settled down. Some of the shots just captured her inquisitive nature  and contentment. I can’t wait to see how her life unfolds.





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