The Biodome

The Biodome in Montreal, Canada is one of my favorite places to go. If you haven’t been, I would highly recommend over any zoo. The animals are happy and playful, free to roam in their environment, and well cared for. Every time I go, I leave feeling a childlike sense of wonder at the magnificent creatures of the world.

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It is good for people of all ages (strollers are allowed). There are interactive pieces to each exhibit, whether going down a slide with the otters, or feeling under water with the fish themselves, the Biodome will hold your attention and make you never want to leave.

One thing I will say that makes the Biodome stand out from all the rest, is that they always have some kind of statement to make with one exhibit or another. When I was there, they had turned one habitat into a statement on littering, pollution, and how trash is harming the birds and fish of the ocean. Some parts of if were quite a shock, hitting home when I saw the piles of garbage (safely put out of reach of the animals), and the dead animals trapped inside (fake corpses, plastic I believe).

If you haven’t been, it is a place I would recommend you go before you die. It is by far one of my favorite places to go when I am in Canada.



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