Get The Look- Emma Watson

In this picture, Emma Watson is wearing an awesome pair of patchwork, boyfriend-style jeans. 

While browsing H&M the other day, I happened to stumble upon a very similar pair of jeans, nearly exactly the same with minute differences: slightly darker, a thinner cuff at the bottom, and the patches were slightly different colors. I decided to order them, just to try; I’d see if they fit and if I liked the look. 

They are amazing! So comfortable and soft, super lightweight for summer, very sturdy (the patches aren’t going to fall off), and all in all, a great pair of jeans. I was worried about the fit of them not being flattering on someone with bigger thighs, but that was not an issue at all, they still looked great. The legs are slightly cropped so they just graze your ankle, but being lightweight summer jeans, it’s not an issue. 

To get the look that Emma had, just add a tight black turtleneck to balance the fit of the pants, a pair of flat shoes, and a tweed coat if the weather calls for it! 

Here’s the link if you’re interested. 


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