Summer Nails

I love when summer rolls around and it’s time for new looks, new colors, and more fun with things that you may not have had time for during the year. Summer is my time to play around with different nail polishes. Here are a few of my favorites from this year!


For a nice nude color, I’m loving a Sally Hansen ‘Insta-Dri’ in the color Sand Storm. It is a great sophisticated color for a slightly more professional or formal summer look. with a tan this looks great, and it dries super fast!

For a slightly more pink-toned nude, I really like an Essie nail polish in the color 665, Topless & Barefoot. It does take several layers, but if you are a bit more pale like I am, it is a great nude to wear with or without a tan. It doesn’t give you that sickly look that can often happen when you wear too light a color on your nails!

The Revlon ‘Nail Enamel Top Coat’ polish in the color 785, Matte Pearl Glaze, is a gorgeous simmering pink color that is amazing both as a top coat and on its own. It’s hard to describe what it does, but I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a beautiful, subtle, shimmering pink, or if you are looking to spice up some of your other summer colors.

Another good summer color is Vibrant Violet by L.A. Colors. It is a very light pink color and is just beautiful with all skin tones. It is almost hard to tell if you’re wearing anything on your nails with this one, but it gives such a beautiful shine to your nails it is so hard to stop wearing. It is a very streaky consistency, and will take several coats, but the color is worth it.

I have three recommendations for summer colors, other than pinky nudes. The first is an Urban Outfitters polish in this gorgeous pastel green. Definitely only wear this with a tan or slightly darker skin tone, I have very pale skin and it can really make my hands look sickly. However, used at the right time, this polish is such a fun summer color, I definitely say that it’s a staple.

Next is my all time favorite nail polish. I use this year round, but it really is amazing in the summer. It’s a Revlon nail polish in the color 905, Sophisticated, and it really is amazing. On the nails, it is a lovely blue-grey color that works great with pale skin. Colors like these can be tricky to find the right match, but this one is perfect for me. I find myself always coming back to it for everyday looks and would highly recommend to everyone!

Lastly, summer would not be complete without a bright red nail polish. This is the time of year for the bright reds, whereas in fall and winter, it tends to drift more towards deep reds and purples. The Essie nail polish in the color A List is the perfect bright red for both hands and feet. Such a classic, fun color for everyone that definitely catches the eye.

So there you go! I hope this has given a little bit of inspiration for summer nails, even though it’s almost time for fall, I think we have a few weeks left!


2 thoughts on “Summer Nails

  1. I have both of the Essie colors you listed here and I love them! I just got the prettiest nude nail color in my Ipsy bag last month by Trust Fund Beauty. It’s a true light pinky nude and I’m obsessed with it right now.

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