My Lipstick Collection and Review- Nude Colors

So I am a bit obsessed with lipsticks, and recently I realized that I have developed quite a collection. I thought that I’d share what I’ve been loving and review what I can! Now, this collection is not including some lip glosses that I have, simply because I really don’t wear them enough to give a clear review.


This is my whole lipstick collection. A few drugstore, a few high end, a few liquid, and plenty of colors for everyone.

I thought I’d take it by section, going through all the similar colors to give this some kind of order. I’ve already started with the light summery colors, if you haven’t read that, you can here. This is going to be the second section which is my favorite: the nude colors.

Let’s get started! From left to right, here they are:

Topshop Lips- Lovestruck

I find this color to be a very cool almost berry toned, pinky nude lipstick. The color is far more dramatic on the lips than it would seem- especially if you are pale like I am. I love the texture of Topshop lipsticks, I think that they are just so creamy and easy to wear. They are super affordable and last for a very long time. One of my favorite looks is with this around Christmas time with just a black top. I think it looks amazing! I would highly recommend this for everyone, and it works for all occasions.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick- 104

This is one of my all-time favorite lipsticks. I wear this on a nearly daily basis to school when I need a more subtle look. It is a lovely dark pinky nude color, the texture is wonderful, it is easy to apply, and it lasts for a very long time. You do need to keep on top of it throughout the day as it can do that annoying thing where it wears off just in the middle of your lips, giving you a weird ring of color on the outside. However, this is the best drugstore lipstick I have. I always get compliments on it when I have it on, and I find that it just suits my skin tone really well. Would definitely recommend!

Marc Jacobs Lip Creme- 238 Je T’aime

This is a very bright pinky-berry-nude color. I’m not sure the color really suits me, but I think with a bit more of a tan, it could look lovely. It is definitely a more summery nude color, and has a lot more color payoff than you would expect. It lasts for a few hours, so not ideal for a full day of school or work, but it has a nice texture and is a decent lipstick. Not the best one I have ever used, not the worst. I think if the color suited me a little more, I would be more into it. This could be perfect for someone, just not for me!

The Body Shop Lipstick- 49

The last section had a Body Shop lipstick that I am really not a fan of. This one I like a bit more simply because I am a bigger fan of the color. It is a lovely dark pink nude with some shimmer. This was actually the first lipstick that I ever bought which may be why I still have it. It’s very sentimental to my middle school days when I wore that horrible bright blue eye shadow and didn’t know how to blend concealer correctly…. ah the good times. However, sentiment aside, the textures and the staying power of the lipsticks from The Body Shop are just really not great. I would not recommend buying it against all of these other lipsticks, but it’s not horrible.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick- 08

Oh yes, another Rimmel lipstick. When I first discovered the Rimmel 104 lipstick, I went back to the drugstore to try another shade. This color is also a staple lipstick for me. It is the perfect brown -toned nude lipstick at a very affordable price. I won’t rave about the product itself as it is the same as the other one, but the color is perfect for a sophisticated nude look.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick- Backtalk

This is the newest addition to my collection and I couldn’t be happier. It is a pinky-nude color and my ideal ‘your lips but better color’. You may have seen it in my Sephora Haul post, and I was very excited about it. It has lived up to every expectation I had! It lasts all day, the color is amazing, and I am obsessed. I will say that you need to put a lip balm underneath to stop it from drying out your lips, but that it minor. When I say that it lasts all day, I really mean it. I may have tested it the other day with a lovely session of making out, and afterwards it was still on my lips (not hers), and just as pigmented as it was at the start. I’m very impressed and would definitely recommend.

The lipsticks reviewed in this post are the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th swatches, from left to right!Untitled

And there you go! Nude lips are by far my favorite look, I am always on the hunt for more! Don’t forget to check out the first section of light summery pink lip colors, and the next section is coming soon.



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