The Artist 

The sea was golden in the light of the recently risen sun

The trees waved branches in salute to the quietly sinking moon

The creatures crept to their homes to sleep, believing their work was done

The children in their cozy beds began to stir and awaken

The earth slowly rotated on its crooked axis of air 

The room was lit by pale flames of the lamp from the cabin by the lake

The knife’s blade sharpened into a razor sharp edge 

The fresh made paint bright and red and dripping off the tip

She could feel herself pushing towards the ledge

She reached out to the dark of her room to keep the monsters away 

She painted her arms a bright shining red 

She colored the floor in the first light of day

She felt her life slip down her limbs as she dropped on to the bed

Rays of light shone on the art she created with her artist’s tool


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