Wardrobe Staples

There are always some items that are a necessity in any wardrobe. People may have different ideas about what those essential items are, but here are my staples!

Black Skinny Jeans: Everyone needs a great pair of black skinny jeans. They go with anything and can be dressed up or down.

White T-Shirt: I’ve made another post on how to style all types of white t-shirts, but these are such an essential item for me and a daily staple of any outfit.

Men’s Collared Shirt: This may seem quite random, but everyone needs a comfortable and cozy button down shirt. I like to take one from my dad when I need to have a casual day. They work perfectly when paired with tight pants and a tank top to balance out the bagginess of the shirt.

Blazer: I love wearing a blazer for professional and casual occasions. Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt for a weekend with friends, or a basic shirt with dress pants or a pencil skirt for more professional days.

Black Ankle Booties: These are a recent addition to my wardrobe, but I already can’t live without them! They’re great with pants or skirts, tights or wool socks. As the weather gets cooler I like to have bare legs and some nice thick socks pulled up over the tops of the boots. dsc05959

Cozy Sweater: My favorite thing in the winter! They can be great for all occasions and will keep you comfortable and warm at all times. This one is one of my favorites from Urban Outfitters. It somehow is super baggy and comfortable, but also hugs my form really nicely. I would highly recommend!

Leggings: I love wearing leggins whenever I can get away with them. Pair them with longer shirts and sweaters to balance out the tightness, or whatever makes you happy and comfortable!



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