Paddywax Candles

I love candles. They just make a room so cozy and they smell SO good. My favorite type of candles are by the company Paddywax. They smell amazing and the name of the scent is exactly what it smells like. They use such original scents that pair beautifully and make you want to burn them 24/7. They burn very cleanly (no smoke or bad chemicals in the wax), but keep in mind that they don’t come out of the jars easily once used up. Speaking of the jars, they’re all really beautiful colors and designs and look really nice on a shelf.

I’ve tried a lot of their different scents and ranges and there hasn’t been one that I don’t like. I would definitely recommend trying some of their candles.

Here’s the link to their website:

I thought I’d give a little review of the candles I have currently just to give your a sense of the kind of things they have.


The candles I have are from their Relish collection and their Library collection. My personal favorite is the vanilla and oakmoss candle, it smells absolutely incredible. Sweet and subtle and a really lovely fall and winter scent. The smoked wood and amber scent is so unique, a very deep scent for colder nights. The fresh fig and cardamom candle is amazing and fresh and summery. The salted grapefruit one is definitely not the scent for everyone, but it is so fresh and sharp, I personally really like it. From the library collection, I’ve smelled all the scents, but my favorites are the Edgar Allen Poe candle and the Jane Austin candle. You just have to smell them, they’re amazing!

If you haven’t tried Paddywax candles, you definitely should, they are the best scented candles, the best burning, and just all around the nicest candles EVER.


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