Getting In The Festive Spirit- Blogmas Day 5!

Happy Blogmas day 5! The best part about the holidays is the festiveness that fills the air through the month of December. I love everything about this whole month, it just makes me so happy and cozy! It has only been over the last few years that I’ve come to realize that your holiday is only as good as you make it, and by embracing the festive spirit from day one of December, you can enjoy the whole season all the more. I just have a few tips today for getting into the festive spirit and enjoying your holiday to its fullest.

My first step to feeling festive is getting my Christmas tree! The lights and the smell make me so happy every time I enter the room. Our tree isn’t coordinated and fancy like some, instead we have a mishmash of sentimental ornaments that make the decorating process a really lovely time. Our family tradition is to decorate the tree together while playing The Nutcracker soundtrack. It’s just the best way to start getting excited for Christmas.

Along that same line, decorating your house also helps put you in a festive mood. Whether it’s twinkle lights or snowmen, whatever you feel like putting around your space will make you feel so cozy wherever you go.

The best part about the winter is when you wake up in the morning in your cozy huddle in bed to the chilly morning air outside. And nothing says Christmas to me like some festive flannel sheets! I’ve currently got some with snowmen, but there are plenty of patterns at every price range for everyone.

If you’re into baking, then picking some festive treats to make is the best. I love some classic gingerbread cookies, or a mince pie for friends and family (or yourself). Maybe I’ll do some of those recipes later in Blogmas…

The thing that made me first start to feel very festive was going shopping with my best friend for some matching Christmas pajamas. There’s just something about a special pair of cozy clothes that makes you feel so happy and loved. It’s also the start of present buying (even if it’s for yourself)!

Our original plan for these pajamas was to get a pair to have for when we have our Christmas party together. Dressing up and doing festive makeup, baking cookies, singing to Christmas music, watching Christmas films, and then curling up under a big blanket in matching festive PJs will make for the best evening.

Other than that, the holiday season is all about what makes you happy and cozy with the people you love. While I’m doing Blogmas every day to make me feel festive, whatever makes you happy is the whole point of Christmas. I hope you liked Blogmas day 5, sorry it’s a bit short, but today was a busy day. Tomorrow’s post is going to be awesome though!


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