How to Style Boots for Winter- Blogmas Day 9!

Welcome to Blogmas day 9! December is just flying by, oh my goodness. It was one of the coldest days of the winter today and all I wanted to do when I woke up was wrap myself in something warm and never move. However I did have to do to school and that definitely threw a wrench in my plans… When it’s snowy and cold outside you kind of have to wear boots, but it can be hard to find the balance between fashion and practicality. I’ve just got a few tips and tricks today on how to style boots! dsc06795

In terms of boots, I’d recommend getting a pair of chelsea boots or combat boots for days when you don’t need a heavy-duty shoe. I do live in Vermont, so my days of needing clunky winter boots come far more often than most. But finding the perfect pair of low boots for you is an essential in the winter months. For something cheap, try H&M, ASOS, or Old Navy. For something a bit sturdier, try Doc Martins, Lands End, or L.L. Bean.

My favorite look this year has been tucking pants or leggings into thick wool socks that peek out over the tops of my boots. It’s warm and keeps snow off, but it is also a cute way to finish off an outfit. Most days I just find some black or dark purple socks that go with everything, but for those days where I’m really coordinated, having socks that tie your whole color scheme together is an easy way to look really fashionable.

It can also be a really nice touch to find some socks with a ruffle on the top to add a feminine flair to your outfit. It’s a quirky little way to jazz up your boring everyday shoes. Maurice’s has some great ones in at the moment, and Topshop and ASOS always have them. Mine were a gift from last Christmas and are from Free People.

If you choose to wear a dress with your boots, tights can look really nice, but why leave it at that? Why add a pair of wool socks scrunched up so they add some texture and rise just above the top of the boot. Or how about some ruffled socks to match the flair of your dress? Even boot toppers or leg warmers will add some texture and detail to an outfit with tights and boots.

For days when I don’t need tights, having a pair of novelty socks that can poke up just above the top of your boot can be quite fun. Ones with patterns or words, or even just a little pop of color is perfect for dark winter days.

I hope this has helped give you a little bit of inspiration for how to add that extra detail to our outfit. Happy Blogmas, and I’ll be back tomorrow!


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