Cold Weather Drinks- Blogmas Day 17!

Welcome to Blogmas day 17! It’s gotten really cold and stormy, so I thought the owrfect thing for today would be a guide to come easy hot drinks for the season.

To start: hot cider. Living in Vermont means a big apple cider season, but that doesn’t have to end with Fall! Taking your cup of cider and heaving it up over low heat in a pan on the stove works amazingly well. Add a few slices of fresh apple and a cinnamon stick or two while it’s heating, and the flavor is even better. When serving it, pour into a nice mig and sprinkle some cinnamon on toP. You can just microwave it too, but doing it on the stove makes it so much nicer. 

My next favorite is a peppermint hot chocolate. You don’t need me to tell you a recipe for hot chocolate itself, there are plenty out there, or just get a powdered mix. However, I always say to heat it on the stove with milk rather than water. Before you pour it into your cup, put a peppermint Hershey’s Kiss at the bottom of the mug. When that melts, it’s absolutely divine. Try a candy cane too, that’s also amazing. 

If you have a white hot chocolate, put a tiny dash of vanilla extract and a mint leaf or two to make it extra delicious. 

For making your own whipped cream at the top, whip up a carton of heavy cream with about two tablespoons of maple syrup. I always do this as a sweetener because you never get a slightly grainy cream, always a smooth, rich taste. Grate some chocolate, sprinkle a bit of cinnamon, or crumble some candy cane and you’re ready to go!

Now I want some hot chocolate… Hmmm… Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed Blogmas day 17, we’re almost done! 


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