Christmas Party Accessories- Blogmas Day 18!

Welcome to Blogmas day 18! It is definitely holiday party season and everyone pulls out their finest this time of year. I’ve got some Christmas party accessory ideas today to help you style your festive dresses. 

Let’s start with jewelry. I find that with the sparkle and glamour of holiday fashions, wearing very loud jewelry can be a bit too much. Having a sparkling bracelet is an essential to any outfit to add just the right amount of pop. Necklaces are easy to go overboard with, so I like to keep it very simple. Try a delicate star necklace, like this one from Etsy LINK HERE. That way you’re showing your festive spirit, but not going too over the top. Earrings are the perfect thing to pull together a whole outfit. For a very glam look, try some big hoops or simple dangling chains. For a sparkly look, try small studs, or little drop earrings that have a touch of sparkle as well. For something casual, find a pair of festive earrings like snowflakes, reindeer, or jingle bells! 

It’s always nice to add something to your hait for a subtle, festive look. A simple headband, a hair bow, or some hair clips are perfect way to dress up. A headband with a bit of sparkle or a touch of color is great in hair either up or down. A hair bow with a bun or a ponytail is an easy way to look totally put together, and some little hair clips or pins adds that little extra something to finish off your look.

In terms of bags, it can be quite hard to find the right fit. I definitely say to find a nice, plain, black clutch that can really go with any outfit: casual or dressy. Don’t try to match a sparkly bag and dress, it really is way to over the top. Try a plain dark green clutch, or a cranberry red. That way you have a pop of color, but not to much sparkle. Holiday outfits can look absolutely amazing with a purse that has a chain strap. A thin silver or gold chain against holiday dresses are definitely on trend this year. If you are desperate for a sparkle bag, tone it down with a dark jumpsuit or bodycon dress.

Christmas shoes are by far my favorite things. There are just so  any options! You’ve got silver heels, sparkly shoes, plain black pumps, and those amazing reds and greens of the festive season on everything. Silver heels and dark jumpsuits are definitely a staple of this year’s holiday fashion. Not to mention sparkling dresses with dark red or green pumps and sophisticated outfits with sparkling flats! If there is ever a time to experiment with color and texture of shoes, Christmas is it! 

While all of this is lovely to style, you still have to keep in mind that it is winter, and it is cold outside. Hats, scarves, and gloves are necessities! Try big, warm scarves with skater-style dresses, and thin, delicate scarves for sleeker, tighter outfits. If you have an updo, you’ll want earmuffs or a warm headband to keep your  ears from freezing, and if your hair is down, a smaller, looser hat will keep your hair in good shape. If you can find a way to fit some fancy gloves into your style, go for it! If not, some plain black gloves, or big fluffy mittens will definitely do the trick. 

Those are my tips for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Blogmas post and I’ll be back tomorrow! 


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