Holiday Party Tips- Blogmas Day 19!

Welcome to Blogmas day 19! I’ve got some tips and tricks for throwing a holiday party for your friends. I’m having one for just me best friend and me, so the photos here have things just for the two of us, but I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out how to make this work for more people…  dsc07002

To start, make your space as festive as possible, check out my holiday decorations post for my tips on that. Put on some Christmas music and light a Christmas candle (or three).

My friends and I like to dress up for our Christmas parties: do our hair and makeup really nice, put on our best party gear. It makes your whole party more fun, more festive, and makes the pictures so much better! We never really get the opportunity to dress up in our festive finest, so it makes the party have a whole different feel to set a bit of a dress code.

I like to have everything for the evening set out before anyone arrives. That way when they walk in the door, the whole room is set up and waiting for the fun to begin. This year I’ll set out all of her gifts, all wrapped up, to make it our own little Christmas day. dsc06982

My personal favorite thing to do is to get matching pajama sets so when we want to cozy up on the couch in the evening to watch a holiday film, we feel super festive. This year we chose the pajamas together and went for some grey, thermal, polar bear ones from Old Navy. They’re super cute and cozy, just what we wanted! dsc07004

As for food, we always have the best time making gingerbread cookies together and decorating them. It’s a way to keep entertained, but also make your snacks for the evening… Just buy a box of gingerbread mix to keep it simple, some decorating icing, and some sprinkles. I’ve also gotten some frosting that we can put on the cookies, but more often than not just end up eating out of the tub.

In terms of drinks, we’re both underage, so no alcohol for us, but some warm, festive treats are in order. Check out my post on that for some ideas on what to drink. I’ve gotten us some matching holiday mugs with cute little spoons to drink out of for the evening. I got these at Homeport, but find yourself ones that suit you and your friend.

My friend will be sleeping over which means Christmas movies late into the night, lots of fairy lights once it gets dark, and delicious pancakes in the morning to end our little Christmas.

Those are my tips for a party for you and friends, I hope you’ve found something in here you’ll want to try and I’ll be back soon with another day of Blogmas!



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