Essential Winter Scarves- Blogmas Day 20!

Welcome to Blogmas day 20! It was so cold today and it definitely feels like winter. When I was outside walking my dog, I was absolutely frozen and wished I had grabbed a scarf. So today I’ve got the essential scarves you need in the winter to go with every outfit and every occasion.

The massive blanket scarf: Everyone needs an enormous scarf for those cold days where just nothing will keep you warm. Some people use actual throw blankets as scarves in those situations, but the one I have is just a huge, fluffy scarf. It works so well with a pea coat, chunky hat, and skinny jeans. You’ve got to balance out the poof with something tight on the bottom, but having something that you can just throw on for that added warmth is essential in winter.

The plaid scarf: A fashion essential for everyone in the cold winter months. A plaid scarf can add a pop of color and a bit of comfort to any outfit. Winter is so dark and dull that a bright red or green plaid pattern makes a white t-shirt and some black jeans fun and fashionable.

The knitted scarf: We all have that family member or friend who was really into knitting one year and so gave everyone a scarf for the holidays. Or at least that aunt who loves craft fairs and comes home with a scarf every once in a while. A hand-knitted scarf really makes any outfit a bit more sentimental and cozy. It helps to have one just to wrap around for an extra layer when going outside, but to take off when you come back in.

The thin scarf: These have been huge this year in the fashion world, but now that it’s finally winter, they’re a bit more practical. Finding the perfect long, skinny scarf is great for winding around your neck once, quite tightly, and letting hang over a plain t-shirt or dress. It adds a bit of an ’80s, or ’90s vibe and pairs perfectly with some chunky, black, ankle booties.

The neck warmer: I’m really not a fan of these unless I’m skiing, but they are super warm for when you need them. It’s a great way to stay warm, and while I won’t recommend them as a fashion item, they’re perfect for outdoor activities. Because they’re going to be a bit dorky anyways, it can be fun to get crazy patterns. My personal favorite is a fleece rainbow dinosaur neck warmer that I’ve had since I was little…

The everyday scarf: Last, but not least is the everyday scarf. This is simply the scarf that goes with everything in your wardrobe at any occasion. Whether you find a grey, black, or brown one to be the best for you, finding a nice, plain scarf is essential in winter. Something that isn’t too thin, but isn’t a blanket is great for adding to an outfit, or chucking on when you’re going outside. Even just a cheap, generic one from Macy’s or JC Penny is an essential item in any winter wardrobe for both fashion and practicality.

So there you go, Blogmas day 20! We’re almost done, it’s crazy how fast December has gone by. I hope you’re enjoying your festive season, and I’ll be back tomorrow.


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