Best Beauty Gift Items- Blogmas Day 23!

Welcome to Blogmas day 23! I can’t believe how fast December has gone this year, it’s absolutely insane. I’ve got some suggestions for makeup and pamper items to give as gifts this year that would be absolutely perfect for any beauty addict.

Custom Mac Palette: Mac does several different sizes of empty palettes that you can then fill with your choice of eye shadows and various blushes, highlighters, and bronzers. It’s cheaper than you would think and makes a really sentimental gift. I have picked one out this year for my best friend and I went through all of the eye shadows and picked the ones that she would like best, and the ones that suited her skin tone. If you’re not sure what to get for someone, just go into a Mac store and ask the workers for help. If you have a picture of the person you’re buying for, then they can help you pick the perfect things to suit their coloring. Overall, this is definitely the best thing to get for a makeup lover in your life, it’s sentimental and really thoughtful and will definitely make their holiday great. Check them out on their website here.

Narsissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette: This is a gorgeous set of blushes released by Nars this season. There will be colors for everyone and getting someone a Nars product for Christmas is always really special as they are definitely not the cheapest. Getting people sets like this with lots of different colors to experiment with is a really good plan for gifting. That way people can try thing out and if one color doesn’t suit them, they’ll have others to love. They’re listed on Sephora here.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette: This is another choice for a special palette to give someone. Rather than blush, like the last one, this is all beautiful highlighting powders. This is the perfect gift to someone because everyone would love this, the colors are flattering on every skin tone, but few people would buy this for themselves. It is a bit on the pricier side, like the Nars palette, but is a great special gift for the makeup lover in your life. This is also listed on Sephora here.

Sheet Masks: I love sheet masks. And face masks in general. Sheet masks are fun, they’re easy, and, most importantly, they don’t have a huge impact on skin so you can gift them to anyone without worrying about their skin type. I have oily, acne-prone skin, but I love even the sheet masks that say “ultra moisturizing” or “brightening”. These are just great as little stocking stuffers that everyone will have fun with. The Sephora sheet masks or eye patch things are really nice (especially if you put them in the fridge before you use them), but you can find sheet masks at pretty much any drugstore.

Lush Gift Box: Lush is such an amazing brand that even the pickiest of beauty lovers will appreciate. You can order online or buy from a shop and the great thing about Lush is the gift boxes that they put together. While many brands have gift sets around this holiday season, none that I have found have quite nailed it like Lush has. Lush really puts together the most amazing sets that doesn’t necessarily just have the same scents in a few different products shoved into a nice box. There is truly something for everyone and even if you’re buying online, their descriptions of the scents are really accurate. If you’re short on time, money, or ideas on what to get someone, picking out a Lush gift box is a really great option that everyone can get excited about. Also, it’s all packaged and wrapped for you!

There you go! Five tips for beauty gifts this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Blogmas post, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another one. Only two left to go! Happy Christmas eve eve!



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