Christmas Traditions- Blogmas Day 24!

Welcome to Blogmas day 24! It’s going to be quite a chill post today, just talking about the holidays and traditions in my home and around the world. I think this will be my last post this year for Blogmas, tomorrow I’m going to spend with my family. It was so much fun doing Blogmas this year, my first time and I’ve really enjoyed it. 

Well, it’s Christmas eve. I know everyone has been saying it, but it really is crazy how fast this month and really this year has gone by. I always love the traditions that my family has during this holiday season. They remind me of my childhood and bring up so many happy memories. Every year on Christmas eve I open one gift marked with an ornament. This year the ornament was of a loon with a baby on its back because some of the most magical moments of the year were spent in kayaks, on a pond, watching a loon and its baby playing in the water. These ornaments are always special reminders of the past year and our favorite family times. The gift itself is always a pair of pajamas that I can put on that night and wear for Christmas day. I have no idea how this tradition started, but as we always spend the day in our pajamas anyway, it’s fun to have a new pair. This year the pajamas were a light teal-blue color with hedgehogs on the bottoms. I think they’re perfect.  

Some people have the tradition of giving each other a book on Christmas eve to read before they go to bed. Others have their big meal that night and save Christmas day for leftovers, chocolate, and giving gifts. While my family gets a Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, some people wait until the night before and decorate it then with their families. 

Everyone that celebrates Christmas has a different traditions that makes the holiday meaningful to them and that’s what this whole season is about. It’s a time for memories, old and new, with your family and the ones you love. 

Tomorrow I’ll wake up and open my stocking in my Christmas eve pajamas, eat cinnamon buns, and sit by the Christmas tree with my family, giving and recieving the gifts that we’ve all been waiting to long to open. I hope your holiday is wonderful (if you celebrate this time of year), I hope you’ve enjoyed this last day of Blogmas, and I’ll be back with another post before the new year!


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