Book Review-History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

This is by far the most heartbreaking, beautiful, and perfectly crafted novel I have read in a very long time. History Is All You Left Me is being published this month and is a must read. It is categorized as a young adult novel, but I would say anyone 12 and up should read this. In a world struggling with acceptance and love, this book is much needed as a reality check. With themes of coming out and LGBTQ acceptance, love, loss, and mental health, Adam Silvera has crafted what is truly a masterpiece.

The book follows Griffin, a teenager struggling with the death of his ex-boyfriend and childhood best friend, Theo. The story jumps between the present struggle with grief and OCD that Griffin faces, and memories of Theo and how he changed Griffin’s life. Griffin remembers everything that went perfectly right in their relationship, as well as everything that went horribly wrong. While he grapples with his past and guilt, Griffin find himself in  a precarious relationship with Theo’s boyfriend and worsening OCD.

This is a beautiful story that you’ll need to read in one sitting and it will definitely take you some time to process afterwards. It’s truly a masterpiece to read, Silvera expertly melds past and present together to create one boy’s story that touches a bit of everyone’s experiences and hidden truths.

This is a great book for teens or adults, a great work of LGBTQ fiction, and could he really helpful for anyone dealing with loss or illness. It’s honest in a perfect, painful, almost therapeutic way and, if read by someone who really needs it, could be unbelievably helpful and healing. But really, this is not a light read, but it is stunning and truly worth the read.

I read this book as an Advanced Reader Copy which is the pre-publication edition of a book sent out by publishers for review and publicity. The reviews I leave here are my honest opinions of the books I’ve been reading and have really enjoyed. I’m not payed to say any of this, I just liked the books! If you liked the review, let me know! If you have any particular requests for genres, authors, or titles, I’d be happy to oblige. Keep your eyes open for more reviews like this coming soon, there are some great books coming out in the next few months!


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