Sephora and Drugstore Haul!

I may have done a bit of shopping… It’s spring, and it’s so sunny and lovely, I just wanted to spruce up my skincare and beauty collection. I ordered a few skincare things from Sephora, and picked up a few pamper items from Rite Aid! fullsizeoutput_ea

I only ordered three things from Sephora, but they always send samples of things when you order online. This time, somehow, there was a glitch and they sent me double of all the samples! I was very excited…

The first thing I bought was my favorite moisturizer: the Origins Zero Oil moisturizer. It is so lightweight and perfect for summer. I really notice a difference with my skin when I’m using it. fullsizeoutput_f1

I then went in search of a face sunscreen that isn’t too thick and gloopy, and doesn’t have any oils in it that will irritate my skin. I am extremely pale, so going without sunscreen isn’t a option, and with my temperamental skin, it’s really hard to find something that works. I finally decided to get the Bare Minerals Mineral Shield Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. It says that there is no oil in it, won’t clog pores, and has a really high SPF. fullsizeoutput_ef

I also got my favorite First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser in a smaller, travel-friendly size. I am going to be going to Europe this spring and am starting to get some things for the trip. Since I was doing an order anyway, I just added this to the cart. fullsizeoutput_f0

As for samples, I got the First Aid Beauty Banish Dry Ultra Repair Cream, a sample of a Tory Burch perfume, a sample of a Wildfox perfume, and a Pharmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm.

At Rite Aid, I picked up one Yes To paper mask, and some of those eye mask things. I’m not partial to either brand or product, but if you put them in the fridge a little bit before you use them, and then put them on in the bath, it just feels absolutely divine. fullsizeoutput_ed

I grabbed two pairs of Ardell lashes to try out and see which I like for prom this spring. I grabbed the Demi Whispies and the Whispies. We’ll see how they go! fullsizeoutput_ee

I picked up a Burts Bees Gloss Lip Crayon in the color Tahitian Sunset. It’s a really gorgeous, bright, brown-toned redish pink color. It’s really moisturizing and glossy and I’m thinking it would be perfect to put in a purse for the summer. DSC07711

The last thing I got was a Sally Hansen Color Therapy nail polish in the color 110 Well, Well, Well. It’s a really nice white polish and hopefully will help make my nails a bit stronger. fullsizeoutput_ec

I hope you guys liked this haul or gave you some ideas for things you want to pick up this spring. I’m really excited about all of this, and I’ll be back soon with another post!


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