Book Review- Note To Self by Connor Franta

I am so excited to finally do a review of this book, Connor Franta is one of my favorite Youtubers. This is his latest book coming out on April 18th and takes a deep look at his mental states going through the struggles of life, a breakup, and insecurities. It is a first person reflection in poems, essays, and photographs that really reaches out to the reader and draws them in.

Franta begins the book with a little quote:

“They say the truth will set you free, but what they neglect                                       to mention is what happens when the truth isn’t what you                                    want to hear.”

This perfectly captures the emotions behind the book and reflects something that everyone has felt in their lives at one time or another.

The content isn’t for everyone, and could be quite triggering, but it is worth every moment of discomfort and worth every memory that resurfaces because at the end, everything seems to make sense. Connor has a way of writing that makes you feel like you’re not alone.

This book is great for high school and up and just came out a few days ago. It’s a totally unique piece of work, and I really mean that. The blend of media really makes the honesty of Franta’s story come through. You may want to start by reading his first book: A Work in Progress, that way you have a feel for the way that he writes, but either way, it really is a fantastic book. It’s the perfect gift for a reader in your life who likes something a little different. fullsizeoutput_f2

I read this book as an Advanced Reader Copy which is the pre-publication edition of a book sent out by publishers for review and publicity. The reviews I leave here are my honest opinions of the books I’ve been reading and have really enjoyed. I’m not payed to say any of this, I just liked the books! If you liked the review, let me know! If you have any particular requests for genres, authors, or titles, I’d be happy to oblige. Keep your eyes open for more reviews like this coming soon, there are some great books coming out in the next few months!


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