Busy Days

Sorry I haven’t been very active lately, it has been a very exciting, very busy few days. I’m a senior in high school and graduating in 8 days.  It’s really surreal to think about- four years of high school, 11 years of elementary school, and now that’s all behind me. I am heading off to Hampshire college in the fall, but I’ll think about what when it gets closer! Let’s do a recap of the past few weeks.

I work for a local television station, and this is our busiest time of year with all of the concerts and graduations. On mother’s day I went to help with filming a college graduation. It was pouring rain, freezing cold, and unbelievably fun. It was a live shoot meaning that it was streamed live for people watching elsewhere. I got to be the director for part of it, choosing which shots to take and switching between the cameras.

When the graduation was done I helped to clean everything up and rushed home for some mother’s day celebrations. We always go to get all of the summer flowers for our gardens. Mom gets to pick and my dad and I are just helping hands!

After all of our gardening is done, we all go out for a greasy dinner at a local snack bar. IMG_1287

We rarely eat like this, so as an annual tradition it’s really nice. Even Boo (my dog) gets his own little thing of ice cream. IMG_1290

The rest of that week was busy with school and finishing up big projects for the year. It was unbelievably hot weather all week so I may have treated myself once or twice to raspberry smoothies. IMG_1291

My Hampshire college hoodie finally showed up so as the weather got colder, I was rocking my college gear!IMG_1292

Then, finally, as the end to a very long week, I had my prom. It was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time. My dress was from Old Gold in Burlington, Vermont and my shoes were gold, sparkly heels from Payless. My earring were from Zinnia’s jewelry store. My makeup was pretty simple with my Mac foundation, Nars radiant creamy concealer, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, Nars Deep Throat blush, Mac Woodwinked eyeshadow, Ardell Demi-Whispies lashes, Urban Decay Perversion mascara, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, and a Mac lipstick in the color Faux. My hair was curled with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and pinned up in the back with a shitton of bobby pins. IMG_1342

I asked one of my best friends to be my date, he bought me a corsage, I bought him a boutonniere.

We went out for thai food before prom- which was delicious. IMG_1362

Then we showed up to prom which was held at the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire. Everyone was up on the terrace taking picture for an hour before any dancing started.

It was such a fun night. We explored the hotel, watched some fireworks, ate from a chocolate fountain, and danced the night away. IMG_1376Since then, I’ve been focusing on school and exams. I graduate in 8 days and then I leave for an amazing trip to London and Ireland (which I will definitely be blogging about). I just wanted to give a little update about all of the things that have been going on, and I’m sure I’ll be more active this summer!


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