Zoella Beauty Haul

So, as you may know I just got back from a magical trip to Europe and I may have stopped into Superdrug to pick up a few of Zoe Sugg’s products. If you don’t know who Zoe is, then I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under, but she is an incredible blogger and youtuber. She has a line of beauty and skincare items called ‘Zoella Beauty’ that I have just been dying to get my hands on. While I could have just ordered them online (they do deliver to the US) I wanted to go pick out what I wanted in store. fullsizeoutput_590

While I was in London I snuck away to go find a Superdrug and picked up my favorite things from her range!

The first thing I got was a candle. I absolutely LOVE candles and had so much fun smelling all the ones that were there, and the scent Lazy Days was by far the best. It is such a soft, subtle, lovely smell that makes every room seem so cozy. The best thing about this scent is that is isn’t such a heavy, musky, winter smell, but can be light enough for summertime too. It’s so versatile and I’m looking forward to having this burning constantly!

The next thing I grabbed was a makeup bag. I actually really needed one after picking up so much makeup on my trip that it wouldn’t fit into the bag that I brought with me. This one is a gorgeous cream canvas with a rose gold zipper. It says ‘fairest of them all’ on the front and is covered in little black polka dots. It was really cute, but I was quite desperate for a new makeup bag…

I then got a few things for the bath because I ran out of bubbly things this winter and  have been missing them! I decided to go for the Soak Opera bath and shower cream and the Fizz Bar, which is just a bath fizzer that smells sooo good.

And that’s all! I think I was very good about only getting a few things (even though there was so much more I wanted, it just wouldn’t fit in my suitcase). If you’re looking for some inexpensive, but really luxurious pamper items, Zoella Beauty is the way to go. You can get them in store and online at Superdrug, or at feelunique.com fullsizeoutput_58f

I would really recommend checking out some of these products (the candles in particular) as they are such good value for money. You are paying less for a quality product that has some amazing and empowering messages behind them. You can check out Zoe’s channel here and her blog here, if you’re here reading my blog, I think you’ll really enjoy her content!

Hope you liked this little haul, be sure to keep an eye out for some other exciting posts coming soon as I have a few more things from my trip to Europe that I am so excited to share! I’ll also definitely be posting some photos of my trip soon, so be excited for that!


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