The Burren Perfumery Skincare Haul

So as you may know I have just returned from a trip to Europe. My family and I went to London and Western Ireland and one of the places we stopped in Ireland was called the Burren Perfumery.

They make all of their own soaps, scents, and skincare items out of natural ingredients. It was a stop that my mother wanted to make and I was no complaining at all when I walked in the door and saw just how amazing their products were.

They are a pricey brand, so I only got a few things, but I thought that they were so good it was worth doing a haul. I have been using the products for about a week now and am quite impressed. fullsizeoutput_59a

The first thing I picked up was an oil that you can use for hair or face. It is an Argan Oil that is supposed to not clog pores and hydrate acne-prone skin without causing breakouts. If you’re someone with already oily skin then you’ll know how daunting it is to put more oils on your face. However, this definitely lives up to the description. Since I have been traveling a lot, my skin has been a weird mix of extremely dry, but extra oily. This oil has really helped to resettle that balance for me.

The next thing I grabbed was also intended to rescue my dry patches and is the Clarifying Night Cream. I thought this would be the perfect sort of thing to put on before the long flight home. The cream, like the oil, says that it won’t clog pores, but will gently hydrate and clear all the crap out of your face while you sleep. I may be paraphrasing there, but when you have a face full of acne the temptation is just too great to not buy it. I have also been using this for the past week and, while I do wake up will really gross, shiny skin, once I was my face I’m really pleased with how hydrated my skin has been. This is definitely a product worth trying this out. fullsizeoutput_598

The last thing I grabbed isn’t really skincare, but as someone who does a lot of intense exercise and is on their feet most of the day, but also bruises really easily, this seemed perfect. It’s an Arnica Herbal Balm that says it “soothes muscular pains, bruises, and inflammation”. You just take a bit in your hand and rub it on any areas that hurt. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure I will soon. fullsizeoutput_599

So there you go, my small haul. I seriously cannot recommend the Burren Perfumery enough and definitely think you should check out some of their things. As someone with really oily, acne-prone skin that desperately needs some facial hydration, these products are working for me and I am seeing a noticeable difference.

While it may seem weird to get such intensely hydrating products in the summer when I’ve got oily skin, it’s actually the best time of year for them. Sure the cold of winter can dry things out, but adding hydration in the summer helps your skin feel like it needs to produce more oils to compensate for the sweat and sun exposure. I’m not a professional on any of this though, and everyone’s skin is different, but if you’re struggling, maybe give these things a go!

Keep an eye out for more posts with photos of my trip! I’m hoping to go through them all by the end of this week and will definitely be doing some posts. Hope you liked this haul and keep your eyes out for more great things!

The link to the Burren Perfumery website is here, you should definitely check out their stuff (this isn’t sponsored or anything, just a tourist who liked it a lot!).


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