London Adventures

I have always wanted to go to London. Ever since I was little I dreamed about what I would do and where I would go. So when I first started high school and my parents said that for a graduation gift in four years we could go on a family trip, I immediately said London.

So, here we are, four years later and just back from an incredible ten days. We didn’t end up staying in London the whole time, but went to Ireland as well. It was an absolute dream to be there and we definitely ticked off all of the places I wanted to go to.

We decided to get an overnight flight from Montreal to combat the jet lag, and so showed up on our first day groggy, kinda gross, and so ready for the day. We stayed at an inn called the One Tun Pub and Rooms, which is in Farringdon and is really nice and clean. We accidentally got put in a very cramped room for three people, but had a little balcony so we made do.

I decided to spend the first day stopping off at Buckingham Palace (we saw Prince William drive by) and then wandered around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens before heading for a traditional, late-afternoon tea at a little place in Kensington.

I think we may have misjudged how hot the day was going to be not to mention how far we needed to walk to make it to our tea reservation on time, but it was a great day. I’d definitely recommend spending hours exploring gardens after a 6+ hour flight.

The next day was also unbelievably sunny and warm, another great day for wandering around. I didn’t actually bring my camera that day because we went to the British Museum (which is incredible, but also kinda funny once you realize everything in there was stolen from other countries) and then we spent the afternoon shopping on Oxford Street.

Actually, I spent the day shopping, my parents followed me around or went and had a drink while they waited for me to finish.

We went to all the places I wanted to go to: Selfridges, Liberty, Harrods, and the classic Zara and Topshop. It was nice to spend the day wandering around with no specific destinations or time constraints.

The next day was our ultimate geek day. We started off at Madame Tussauds (I fangirled way too much over way too many people), then went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on 221B Baker Street (so cool, but with some really creepy stuff), and then, finally, after getting lost for several hours and walking many unnecessary miles, we went to the Warner Brother’s Studios for the Harry Potter tour.

I may do a post on the tour later if anyone is interested, but honestly, there is so much to talk about I’ll just skip the description and show you pictures, but I cannot recommend the tour enough if you love all things Harry Potter.

The next day was our final day, but by far the busiest. We had a lovely walk along the Thames, hitting several key, touristy places along the way. First stop, the Tower of London.

Next, the Globe Theater.

Then, after walking past the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, we went to Westminster Abbey.

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect and I don’t have any pictures of inside (cameras were not allowed), but it was actually really cool.

We ended the day by having dinner at a sketchy Indian restaurant and heading back to our hotel.

It still seems strange that I actually went to London only a week ago, but I cannot wait to go back. It was honestly the best city I have ever visited and there is still so much more to see.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I put up new ones every Monday, and keep your eyes out for my post on my adventures in Ireland! We had a lot of fun…


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