Fresh Rose Face Mask Review

I have been testing out this Rose Face Mask by Fresh for the past few weeks and honestly, the results have been astonishing.

I know it may not look like much in the pot, or even once it’s on your face. It’s one of those clear, kinda slimy face masks that never really does anything. It says that it’s “infused with real rose petals” and that it “tones and hydrates”. When I first picked this up, I wasn’t expecting it to clear up my acne or anything, but I was hoping for it to even out my skin tone a bit and make some of my acne scars a little less pronounced. It says on the pot that it is safe to use daily, so that’s exactly what I did.

I cannot recommend this product enough.

Seriously. DSC00716

I am an avid lover of face masks simply because they make me feel good, even though I rarely see dramatic results for them. However, after two or three days of using this mask, my skin was smooth, even, and my acne scars were significantly reduced.

I like using the mask after I work out because it’s very soothing, smells amazing, and I think because my pores have just dumped out so much sweat, it has better results. You just wack on a layer of the mask, leave on for 10 minutes, and then wash off. Easy as that. DSC00725

No pain, so scrubbing to get it off of your skin, smells amazing, feels lightweight and cooling, and has incredible, visible results. It’s gentle and perfect for all skin types and issues.

Like I said, this mask isn’t going to clear up acne, get rid of scarring completely, or take away every dry spot on your face, but it will smooth, even, and calm all skin types.

It’s $25 for 30ML on Sephora and a little goes a long way, so it’s definitely worth the price. You can check out the mask on Sephora here and other reviews here, here, and here.

I hope you guys try this out (it’s seriously amazing) and I’ll be back soon!


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