Summer Book Bundle #1

It’s a great time of year to get some serious reading done. However, do you ever get that feeling, after you’ve finished a great book, you don’t know what to read next? One book puts you in the perfect mood, you don’t want to wreck it, but what do you pick up next?

Well, fear not. I’ve got a new series of posts coming that will be the perfect guide to book bundles that will get you through every vacation and the last days in the summer sun.

My first book bundle recommendation is a set of three (three? How crazy!). This bundle is full of intelligent, geeky, hilarious books. While they’re fiction, fantasy, and poetry, the writing styles and senses of humor truly compliment each other. DSC00731

God Got a Dog, Losing It, and The Refrigerator Monologues are the stars of this bundle! All sweet and witty while being thought-provoking and deep. All three are great for ages 16 and up, but you should be aware that Losing It is about sex and virginity, God Got a Dog probably isn’t the perfect fit for someone with strict religious beliefs, and The Refrigerator Monologues include a lot of murder, sex, and superheroes.

God Got A Dog,  a book of poetry by Cynthia Rylant and Marla Frazee. It’s a brilliant collection of poems that chronicle the everyday, mundane tasks of God. It’s simple and elegant, with clean, beautiful writing that truly makes you fall in love. DSC00734

Losing It is a novel by Emma Rathbone. It chronicles that journey of Julia Greenfield, a young woman who suddenly realizes she’s 26 and is still a virgin. She returns to her childhood town to remedy what she sees as a great flaw with the way she’s lived her life. This book is filled with laugh-out-loud moments and points of deep reflection on society and one’s own expectations. This is a brilliant summer read! DSC00735

The Refrigerator Monologues is a series of short stories by Catherynne Valente. The stories are told from the underworld, the land of the dead, by women in a support group for those who have been killed because of the superhero they loved/lived with/worked with/were somehow a part of their story. This book is comical (ha. get it? Because, comics? Okay, I’ll leave now…), yet it makes you consider why every woman in a superhero story gets killed off, pushed aside, or ends up being the villain. It’s a book you can read in a day and is definitely worth it! dsc00738.jpg

This bundle is fun and will leave you thinking about the way the word works, but not in the way you’d expect. Great for reading on your getaway or curled up at your house!

I hope you liked this first bundle recommendation, they’ll be more coming your way! DSC00732


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