Spa Day to Say Goodbye

It’s fall, and that can only mean one thing: school. That dreaded word (for some) that begins to push some stress into the end of your summer. For me, school means leaving home for my first year of college. It’s kind of a scary transition, but I’m doing okay. There have been some hard moments over the past few weeks as I’ve been saying goodbye.

One of the hardest moments was saying goodbye to my best friend. We’ve known each other since elementary school and she moved in to her college before I leave for mine. Different schools, different states, different career paths and I won’t see her for many months.

We were really struggling to find a meaningful way to spend our last day together and decided on booking a spa day. A spa day helps us unwind, prepare, and have some serious self love and pampering before the craziness of school begins for another taxing year.

We booked some treatments at the Stoweflake in Stowe, Vermont. It’s a huge tourist trap and quite expensive, but booking a treatment gives you access for the whole day to their facilities – which makes the price worth it.

We showed up right as they opened (9AM), and spend a few hours in the hot tub, mineral pool, and hydrotherapy waterfall.


At 11:00, we went out into the lounge to wait for our couples massage. IMG_1722

The masseuses were lovely, the room for the massage was so relaxing and comfortable, and they really took good care of us. We booked a 50 minute, full body massage and it was absolutely divine. We were both so please with the massage, we felt amazing and sleepy, and to be honest, I never wanted it to end.

Afterwards, we went out on the little patio to rest and have a snack. IMG_1727

We did get locked out of the facilities because the door shut behind us when we went out onto the patio… It was kinda funny and at least we had out phones so we could call and get someone to let us in!

We decided to continue our adventures that afternoon and headed out to explore Stowe. I wanted to go to the Malt Shop. If you’ve never been there, so descriptions can do it justice, but it’s the best old-fashioned diner ever. They do amazing milkshakes too! We both got peppermint stick milkshakes and shared some sweet potato fries.

My pictures end there, but on our way home we stopped at a nail salon and got gel manicures! It was actually kind of a weird experience… we were in and out really quickly, they had Ellen on the TV, and no one really spoke english. But they were very nice and clean and did a great job.

We went back home pampered, happy, and sleepy, and just crashed on the couch for the rest of the evening watching Beauty and the Beast. img_1725.jpg

It was the perfect way to say goodbye and to prepare for this next exciting step in our lives. Doing something meaningful at atime of big change can sometimes help you stay calm and level-headed. I don’t think I could be more prepared to head off to college!

I know if may not seem very dramatic to most people, but for me, it’s a big change. Spending a day saying goodbye to my best friend was much-needed and is a memory I will definitely cherish forever. IMG_1735

If you’re moving away or saying goodbye to someone you love, having a day in a special place and pampering your worries away actually really helps! Let me know what you love to do for a special occasion or the best times you’ve had with friends. I hope you liked this post and I’ll be back soon with another one!


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