College Dorm Decoration!

Oh my goodness.

I’m at college.


Sorry I didn’t end up posting last week, I moved in to college and have been doing orientation things and starting classes and things. It’s very busy, very new, very overwhelming, but what I find the most comforting is the space I’m in.

I have a single dorm (no roommate!) so I can decorate however I want and I’ve found that even on the worst days, having a space that relaxes you can make all the difference. I thought I’d show you some snaps of my room and give any tips and tricks I’ve come across while going through this exciting transition!

I went for a really cozy theme for my room. I wanted everything to be very clean, organized, and subdued. I absolutely HATE using the harsh overhead lighting, so I opted for string lights all over the room. Most of them are battery powered and one plugs in. I tried to drape them all over the room so all corners felt warm and bright. fullsizeoutput_67c

Always plug your stuff into a surge protector. They’re inexpensive and easy to find and in the case of a storm, nothing will catch fire, break, or just go to shit.

I only brought enough art pieces to help the room feel more like home. I chose a few staple art pieces and photographs to hang on the walls. I used some sticky wall hooks to hang them and it’s worked so well. I would definitely recommend going to Staples or Bed Bath and Beyond and finding the hooks that hold the weight you need.

Those hooks can also be really useful for hanging little things like hairbrushes or hair ties. I had a little space on my desk that I stuck a few hooks on and put up the things that I never know where to store.

I also brought a plant with me. I know that for some people, bringing a plant to college isn’t going to work if they have to travel too far, but plants add that little touch to a room that gives it character. They also clean the air, so in a tiny dorm room, having a plant helping to clean out the air really helps.

I”m not supposed to have candles in my room, but I do have a few out on the shelves simply because they smell good. I can’t really light them without the smoke alarm going off, but if they are super strong, they’ll add a little scent to the room anyway.

You can also put together a little room spray if you’d like. Get a little spray bottle, put 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil in, fill the rest of the bottle with water, and give it a shake. You can mix scents together or go for just one. A lot of people like to make a lavender spray that they can put on their pillow or spritz before they go to sleep. I like a citrus scent to wake up to in the morning!

There are a few really good ways to store things in your room. Under the bed has a lot more space than you’d think! I put my mini fridge under there and my footlocker. I’ve also stored bags and spare sheets in there.  IMG_1766

I don’t think any of my pictures show this, but I’ve got a little crate contraption on one side of my room. It’s from Bed Bath and Beyond, made of wire, and is so useful for both packing  for the room and storage inside. There are tons of shelves with plenty of room for food and movies and dishes and everything you need to store but aren’t sure where to put them. It also looks really cute and different and stands out a bit. I’ve hung one of my pictures over it and draped some lights across the top just to make it stand out more.

I’ve really tried to find the balance between having things on display and putting things in drawers. There really isn’t a ton of storage or shelf space, and I don’t want my room to feel cluttered. I’ve decided to display books and trinkets, as well as my makeup and skincare. I have a few school supplied bits on my desk, but the things that people can see when they come in my room are the things that most represent me. Whether it’s books, skincare, or a little figure of Hermione Granger, all of the things I have out are what I want to present to the world. fullsizeoutput_67e

Moving into college is a really difficult transition, but having a space that makes you feel calm, happy, and encourages you to be your best self makes it so much easier. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, scared, and lonely, but take your time when making your space your own.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my dorm room and maybe found something neat to do to your own space. I’ll be back soon with another post!


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