Skincare Loves

Today’s post is all about the skincare that I have been really loving for the past few weeks. With the changing seasons and the stress of moving to college, my skin has really been freaking out. However, something I’ve been using has really been helping me keep things under control.  fullsizeoutput_681

I’m sure you’ve seen me review some of these things before, but some of the things I’m using are very new to me. I haven’t included my face wash in here, but I use the First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleaner for quite a while now and I love it. I wash my face with it twice a day, and didn’t think you needed me to ramble on about it here. fullsizeoutput_f0

My morning skincare changes a bit depending on if I’m going to work out or not. On the days I do, I’ve been loving washing my face, and then just spraying the Yes To Grapefruit Pore Perfection Toning Mist all over my face. This is so refreshing and has instant results. I think that using this before going to sweat a lot not only keeps your skin semi-decent, but also opens up your pores to soak in the toner better. fullsizeoutput_688

If I’m not going to the gym, I first use the Sunday Riley Martian Toner and rub that into clean, dry skin. fullsizeoutput_689

I let that dry for a minute, then use the Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum. This stuff is a bit pricey, but so worth the price. It makes my skin so soft and glowy. fullsizeoutput_687

Once that soaks in, I’ve recently been using the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream. This is super hydrating and makeup sits really nicely on top of it. While I still love my Origins Zero Oil moisturizer, this is really promising for the cooler months. fullsizeoutput_683

In the evenings, I really like to pamper my skin, especially if it’s been a particularly long and stressful day. I start by removing my makeup with the Pixi and Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse. I really only use the Double Cleansing Oil, but it works so well for the price. This is the only cleansing balm I’ve used that doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. Definitely worth checking out! fullsizeoutput_68a

I then wash my face, and use my beloved Burren Perfumery Pure Argan Oil to hydrate my skin overnight. I do have quite oily skin, so it may seem a bit strange to be putting oil on my face, but making sure your skin is properly hydrated helps to reduce oil production, and this Argan Oil helps to clear out your pores as well. DSC00988

Every other night I use the Burren Perfumery Clarifying Night Cream to help clear some crap out of my skin. I only use this every other night because I don’t want to strip my skin of it’s natural oils, only clear out the clogging crap. fullsizeoutput_686

I then use the Mario Badescu Drying Cream on any big zits I may have. I only use this on the huge or painful spots on my face. It seriously reduces the redness and size of spots, but sometimes acne-specific products can be far too strong, so this is only for emergencies. fullsizeoutput_684

I then use a bit of a pampering product that an 18 year old probably doesn’t need… I absolutely love using an eye cream before bed. It’s so refreshing and lovely that I just can’t resist. My favorite is the Origins Eye Doctor cream. I just pat a little bit of this under and around my eyes for a bit of cooling moisture and dark circle help. fullsizeoutput_685

After that I’m truly ready for bed! There are so many other factors to keep in mind to keep your skin happy and healthy, but sometimes the mental benefits of a skincare routine are just as beneficial. Taking the time to care for yourself and let go of the daily stress for just a moment of pampering can make all the difference. fullsizeoutput_682

I would really recommend checking out all of these products (I’ve linked them for you to make it easy!) Nothing is sponsored, I’ve purchased everything with my own money and these reviews are my honest opinions.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’ll be back soon!



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